• Dust flying.

  • Climb too high to clean.

  • Dead corners cannot be cleaned.

  • Mop shedding hair.

"Solve your cleaning problems with Twistn Clean 360 mop!"

Reach corners

With our innovative triangle mop, reaching every corner and tight space is a breeze, ensuring that no spot is left uncleaned.

360° Rotation

Experience effortless cleaning with our mop's 360° rotation. It easily reaches and cleans every nook and cranny, ensuring a thorough clean in every corner of your home.

Extra Long 1.5 Meter Pole

Experience the Convenience of an Extended Pole, Measuring 1.3 Meters, for Effortless Dust Location Reach and Streamlined Dust Elimination.

Automatic Water Squeezing

The 360° rotating mop features a durable, quick-absorbing microfiber cloth for hands-free wringing and no more wet hands.


"Cleaning Made Easy."